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Thread: Want to test .flac and .wv conversion

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    Want to test .flac and .wv conversion


    Have converted two CDs to flac and wavepack (using dMC), want to test if I can replay. Then I can proceed converting rest of CDs.

    My efforts have not yielded any success so far-

    1. dAP - not been able to download registered r11.5 (first purchase was r13)
    2. Foobar2000 - throws 'Unrecoverable playback error: Access is denied. (0x80070005)'
    3. WinampLite - it is misbehaving

    Any suggestions/ advice on simple player that will give me joy of listening?


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    Re: Want to test .flac and .wv conversion

    Try this thread here for information (hopefully still current) on accessing and using the dAP beta 3 r6 player:

    Please note that it (and appplicable codecs) will need to be in a different folder than your dMC r13+ (there is further information in this thread about that.

    Best wishes,
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