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Thread: Errors changing Genre mp3 metadata

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    Errors changing Genre mp3 metadata

    In Windows 7 Explorer, dbPoweramp offers a context menu to modify id-tags. When I change the genre field on a .mp3 file, sometimes the change doesn't appear in either Explorer or in the Audacity metadata editor (they show the genre field as empty, and so does the Sonos music library), though the dbpoweramp menu thinks the change has taken place when I go back to it. Rebooting Windows had no effect. It's intermittent between files; in one case one track ripped from a CD was OK and all the others had this problem. Using a genre (like "Ambient") instead of one I created (like "Night") seems to be a workaround, but I'd like to fix the problem if I can. Any ideas?

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    Re: Errors changing Genre mp3 metadata

    In mp3 it is possible to save genre to 2 locations (one a fixed list, the other dynamic value), I am guessing this is causing the issue. Please email one mp3 file which has had the tag set which Explorer and Sonos cannot read:


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