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Thread: dBpowerAMP Audio Player R2 Beta 5

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    Apr 2002

    dBpowerAMP Audio Player R2 Beta 5

    The next installment of this fantastic player (I am in a happy mood, so can use words like fantastic ). This beta adds many new features to My Music Collection - option to re-order columns and remove columns, faster track list drawing and a cool option to play an Album.





    Added WM_APPCOMMAND which means those Play, Stop Pause buttons on your keyboard should work (Windows NT/2000/XP

    MMC - Added a 'Selected Tracks' button at the top
    MMC - New option (on track right click >> advanced) to 'Rewrite ID Tag, writes information held in dAP over the

    ID tag in files)
    MMC - New option (on track right click >> advanced) to open explorer at the track location
    MMC - Remembers column sizes
    MMC - When creating a playlist for selected tracks - mouse is changed to hour glass
    MMC - New Forum 'Music Collection >> Preferences'
    MMC - Preferences - Option to switch off popup info tips
    MMC - When add new music, the music is included/excluded to active play control
    MMC - Column sorts like Windows Explorer
    MMC - added smart 2nd sorting (click on Album to see in action) also an option to sort 2ndary on your choice
    MMC - Column order can be set and columns switched off in Collection >> Preferences
    MMC - if right click on track and has an album name - gives the option to PLAY ALBUM
    MMC - When selective play is active, shows how many tracks are included in selective play
    Amp - made the random selector, more random (Thanks dsieber)

    Right Click on Folder >> Play/Enque - will now recurse and search sub-folders too if option on MMC Pref page is


    BUG Fix - If a skin is set to Top most and a sub skin wasn't, dAP will now display them
    BUG Fix - If slide out the 'Mini On Screen Control' then close it, the slide out bit used to stay on the screen
    BUG Fix - For MMC - right click 'Edit Tag' >> Details, now has a vertical scrollbar
    BUG FIX - MMC - will now load after amp has exited (previously it would flicker on the screen and unload)
    BUG FIX - MMC - Speeded up track list drawing, also fixed a drawing bug
    Bug Fix - Stopped the 'New Track Lookup' whilst editing tags
    Bug Fix - Popup InfoTip - for large playlists, only first 50 entries are looked at
    Bug Fix - Playlist & Previously played, switched font to a multilingual one - also changed icons

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    Apr 2002
    Ladies and gentlemen -- SPOON IS DA MAN!

    The new features look great. Love the display speed-up in MMC, and column sorting and configuration is a joy.

    One minor issue with column sorting: if you change the order of columns, sorting doesn't work. For instance, change "Album" from column 7 to column 2. Initial display is correct, but then click the column header a few times to sort it up and down, and notice that sort is wrong. As I said, minor.

    Everything else looking great!

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    Apr 2002
    What about being able to remove columns by right-clicking on them and selecting a remove option? Also, how about clicking and dragging the columns to where they are wanted? This seems more logical then navigating menus and typing in numbers. Spoon is da man though!

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    May 2002
    Paris, France

    Improvement suggestions To MMC & DAP

    Minor ones but would be handy :

    for MMC in Selective Play :
    - add a filter : "max track length" effectively
    excluding all track longer than the given
    number of minutes (handy when one has
    mixes and very long tracks on it's collection)

    for DAP :
    a couple of timer options :

    - Start playing at nn:nn (the time at which DAP starts playing)

    - stop playing after nn:nn (the time at which DAP stops playing)
    - play for nn hours nn minutes (for how long will DAP play tracks
    once started)

    Thinking of it, that could even be given as couples
    Start time/ Stop time lists That DAP would parse
    during a 24 h period and autostart start /stop playing
    at specified times... (provided that its open)

    Also a color picker for the various texts/backgrounds in MMC
    would be nice (or else commented colors.txt, so you know
    which RGB values changes what )

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