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Thread: "The Sweetest Sound"

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    "The Sweetest Sound"

    Dear Everyone

    Greetings and a good day to all!!!!

    I just want to have some advice on how to rip my CDs that would result in having the best quality of sound needed for my player.What settings should I have in order to create the best sounding mp3 or AAC formats?

    Basically,this is my set-up:

    Player:Philips SA1OPS32K

    DBPowerAmp Version 13.5

    Rip Settings/Encoder Settings:
    MP3 Lame
    Variable Bit Rate Quality:-V2 Estimated Bit Rate 190kbps(standard)

    Advanced Settings:
    44.1 KHz CD
    2 Joint Stereo CD

    So,this is my whole set up for CD ripping.
    Please give me all the advice/suggestions if I could make some more improvements in creating the "Sweetest Sound" for my Music Player.
    All the detailed tweaks needed which I have missed.

    Respectfully Yours,

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    Re: "The Sweetest Sound"

    As it supports FLAC you could use that, but you'd may have to compromise on the number of songs. I rip everything to FLAC and then convert to MP3 for whatever device it's going on.


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