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Thread: Tagging question: "Series" title for music?

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    Tagging question: "Series" title for music?

    I am in the process of reripping or retagging part of my classical collection.
    With collections like "Sinfonies 1 - 10" or "Les Ballets Russes Vol. 1 - 6" I am wondering, whether there are official specs that I could tag them (and later on sort them) not by individual Disk-Title (such as "Les Ballets Russes Vol. 1", "Les Ballets Russes Vol. 2") but rather have some tag, that first says (something like a "main title")

    Les Ballets russes

    and then have some "layer" below that, that says

    Vol. 1: Debussy & Stravinsky
    Vol. 2: Schmitt & Tchaikovsky


    Are there some official tags, that can do that, or would I have to create (which I would do then) personal tags, so I can sort and display these with Asset the way you would do that in TV with series/episodes?

    Thanks for any helpful input!

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    Re: Tagging question: "Series" title for music?

    There is no official standard, so you are free to choose your own.

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