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Thread: crc match but accurate rip says no !

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    Apr 2010

    crc match but accurate rip says no !

    I thought I had set up EAC to rip and then burn an accurate copy of a CD but when (just to check) I i've ripped from the cdr I get a strange result.

    Link to EAC log of rip from original => http://pastebin.com/gTg7Sj0v

    Link to EAC log of rip from CDr => http://pastebin.com/kDMM18iJ

    In the original log accurate rip seems to confirm that it is an accurate rip but in the other log, even though the crc's in both logs for every track are the same, accurate rip doesn't recognise any of the tracks.

    And one other thing that I can see that differs between the log file is the length of the last track is longer.
    So I presume that the rips can't be exactly the same but if the rip from the original shows that it's accurate then I presume that the problem lies in the burning proses (also using EAC) .
    So I burnt a CD of the rip that accuraterip didn't recognise and heres the log from the rip of that CD => http://pastebin.com/8BuHk5PP

    And again the crc's are the same but accuraterip doesn't recognise them and the last track has grown.
    Any ideas anyone ?

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    Re: crc match but accurate rip says no !

    Do you have the write offset for your cd burner configured correctly? Drives have a read and a write offset. Most people forget about setting the write offset in EAC.


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    Re: crc match but accurate rip says no !

    Yes I have. For my drive it's +66 for the write samples offset. Whouldn't the crc values be different if I had set it wrongly ? I'm not sure but what is odd id that accuraterip doesn't say "You may have a different pressing from the one(s) in the database".

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    Re: crc match but accurate rip says no !

    I take it that your disc TOC of the CDR has changed and does not appear to be the same disc as the original disc. You can check this in dBpoweramp.

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