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Thread: Converting WMA to MP3 retaining tags

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    Converting WMA to MP3 retaining tags

    It appears that the file tags (album title, artist, artwork) are not being captured when Batch converting many WMA files to MP3. Original music files were unfortunately saved as WMA and all will need to be converted (approx 2500 songs) in order to burn functional copies to give to friends. My destination folder is on an external drive and will simply lump all songs together without sorting by album, artist, artwork.
    Please help!!

    PS. Is there a telephone number that I could speak to someone.


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    Re: Converting WMA to MP3 retaining tags

    Right click on one of the WMA files which has the tags which do not transfer, right click >> Edit ID Tag

    Do tags show? then right click on the mp3 >> edit tag, do tags show?

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