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Thread: Remove encoded ID3 tags

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    Remove encoded ID3 tags

    Hi all,

    Is there a way to prevent lame encoding (I use lame with CLI Encoder) adding ID3 tags to the output file? I'm assuming lame reads the tags from the stdin stream and writes them to the output, is there a CoreConveter command line options to skip tags while decoding?

    I'm currently transcoding flacs to mp3 and the flac metadata tags are written as ID3 tags in the mp3.


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    Re: Remove encoded ID3 tags

    No dBpoweramp will be tagging after encoding. Add the DSP effect ID Tag Processing and set it to remove all tags.

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    Re: Remove encoded ID3 tags

    Thanks spoon,

    The ID Tag Processing DSP remove all tags nicely. For my purposes I want empty, padded ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags. I found the below works nicely although its a two step process.

    First convert the source (flac) to an intermediate wav file, removing all id3 tags

    coreconverter.exe -infile="D:\temp\source.flac" -outfile="D:\temp\intermediate.wav" -convert_to="Wave" -bits="24" -dspeffect1="ID Tag Processing=-delall0 -case={qt}0{qt} -exportart={qt}(none){qt} -importart={qt}(none){qt} -maxart={qt}(any){qt}"

    Then encode the mp3 from the tag-less intermediate wav using the lame ID*blooper* tag paddding options.

    coreconverter.exe -infile="D:\temp\intermediate.wav" -outfile="D:\temp\final.mp3" -convert_to="CLI Encoder" -cli_encoder="C:\lame.exe" -cli_cmd="-b 320 --tc comment --add-id3v2 --pad-id3v2-size 65536 {qt}[infile]{qt} {qt}[outfile]{qt}"


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