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Thread: Asset 2/3 on xp files on NAS

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    Jan 2010

    Asset 2/3 on xp files on NAS

    I'm still trying to incorporate Asset into my network.
    My latest thought is to get either a fit-pc (Intel Z530-1Gb, 6 watt) or Foxcon (intel 330-ion, 2GB)

    I would leave all my musicfiles on the NAS. Install a stripped down version of XP and Asset, nothing else on the fit/fox and have it scan the NAS and serve the files.

    I have no need for transcoding (to Wav) and can do without replaygain.
    My current FLAC library is 21.000 files. Everything is on a Gb LAN.

    Would this be quick enough (don't care about quick scanning) do care about quick library browsing.

    When trying out this option on my laptop it was fine: slow scanning quick browsing memory never over 800Mb.

    From all that I could try without actually buying either product it would seem that this should work.

    1 is a z530 1Gb quick enough for asset 2 & 3(!) when transcoding/replaygain are off
    2 What determines speed of browsing & serving most; cpu, memory disk io ?

    Thank you

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    Re: Asset 2/3 on xp files on NAS

    1 Any atom based system is fine for Asset (with 1GB)
    2 All combined

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