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Thread: Wish for Asset v3: "A-Z" adjustable

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    Wish for Asset v3: "A-Z" adjustable


    I have a request for the next version of Asset - please make "A-Z" adjustable.

    When choosing "A-Z", you have 28 sub-folders: All (...), A, B, ..., Z and "0-9". I wish that it's possible to extended or shorten it - e.g.

    - All (...), A, B,..., Z, 0, 1, ..., 9

    or (if you have lots of artists/albums with the capital S and only a few with X, Y, and Z):

    - All (...), A, B, ..., R, Sa-Sm, Sn-Sz, T, U, V, W, X-Z, 0-9

    or (if you have no tags starting with a digit: delete "0-9")

    - All (...), A, B, ..., Z

    An individual "A-Z"-configuration for each ID-tag would be even better!

    Maybe some people think that a configuration of "A-Z" is not necessary, but a major advantage of Asset UPnP is the ability to adjust the tree individually - but the subfolders of "A - Z" can't be changed.

    So that's my request for R3.

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