using CLI with r12 reference version. strange results. choose -c="1" for stereo output and file was mono. mp2 frame info: ss=16 sr=48000 ch=1 m=8 (mono) kb=192). cmd line -convert_to="MP2" -c="1" -b="192" -s="48000"
input file is stereo wav.
tried with -c="2" which should be mono according to your web page. that gave and mp2 file of ch=2 m=4 (dualchannel)
finally worked with -c="0" - mp2 frame says ch=2 m=1 (stereo)
but with the gui dbpoweramp, i'm used to choosing the correct output channels regardless of the input. in fact the "0" (same as input) option is not even available in the gui.
you might also check the -b explanations on the web page. they all say "Bitrate 32kbps".
and are all the quotes in the cmdline really necessary?