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Thread: Help with script on ripping for tagging

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    Help with script on ripping for tagging

    To all you experts :smile2:
    I have been using the following script with no problems:

    [IFCOMP]Various Artists\[album]\[track]-[title] - [artist][][IF!COMP]Albums\[artist] - [album]\[track] - [title][]

    I am now turning to classical (ish) collection and have this script which also is fine:

    [IFEQUALS][genre],Classical,classic\[album]\[track] - [title][][IFEQUALS][genre],Opera,opera\[album]\[track] - [title][][IFEQUALS][genre],Symphony,classic\[album]\[track] - [title][]

    What I wanted to do was to combine the scripts. This sort of works, but for any CD ripped which conforms to the "ifequals" criteria, the original script is also read and it adds either "artists" or "various artists" to the end of the track name. The script is built starting with the "ifequals"

    Am I just asking too much?

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    Re: Help with script on ripping for tagging

    You could nest it like:
       [!IFEQUALS][genre],Opera,[IFCOMP]Various Artists\[album]\[track]-[title] - [artist][][IF!COMP]Albums\[artist] - [album]\[track] - [title][]
    I am missing a bit of your text from above though.
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