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Thread: Not gapless WMA

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    Not gapless WMA

    FLAC to WMA conversion produced not gapless files.


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    Re: Not gapless WMA

    WMA is gapless by design (even in its lossy format).

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    Re: Not gapless WMA

    Quote Originally Posted by Farbapapa View Post
    FLAC to WMA conversion produced not gapless files.
    This is a playback issue. Take a live recording (where you will be sure what a gapless is), rip to separate FLACs, convert to WMA and back. Listen.

    (Unless you have actually put the settings to insert gaps).

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    Re: Not gapless WMA

    I try to play wma on Foobar, Windows Media Player and Rio Karma.
    Only Windows Media Player plays gapless.
    It's possible to play wma gapless on Rio Karma?

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