Hi Spoon
first of all thank you for your lovely products. I use the ripping software as well as the Asset UPNP (both registered).
My setup is a Linn Majik, a Philips Pronto remote control and WHS. In the meanwhile I have about 1200 CD's within my archive.
Now my problem is, that the pronto has always an overflow when I select an artist which have a lot of titles within the archive. No my idea was to set the browse tree to:
AlbumArtist - grouped by A-Z - Album
Unfortunately I get always all titles when I select an Artist and only in a subtree then the Albums. What I want to reach is, getting directly the Albums when I select an Artist without having all Titles - this would prevent my Pronto from this memory overflow's. Is there a way to configure the tree like that?

Thank you very much for an answer/solution, kind regards