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Thread: cd writer

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    cd writer

    When I first installed , the program recognized the cd writer (LG brand) and I burned an mp3. Worked great and loved this program. The cd player however was not recognized and wouldn't play cd's. After toying with re-installs , now the software does not recognize the cd burner. I've tried about everything I can think of. I run an HP 6355 (333MHZ) with windows 98. My other burn program was Easy CD Creator/dIRECT CD.
    Any ideas on how to get the db software to recognize there is a burner present again?

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    cd writer

    Discovered the problem on my own. The ASPI driver values ( 2 out of 4) were old versions instead of the 4.60 versions adaptec has as updates. The four drivers below had to be updated to 4.60 and this can be done on the Adaptec site.

    WNASPI32.DLL VER 4.60
    APIX.VXD VER 4.60

    Adaptec has a download which will tell you what version of drivers you have and which need updating. All four must be present to avoid conflicts with other various Adaptec software one has on one's computer. I'm no computer guru by any stretch but this worked for me and I'm back to burning mp3's.

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    Forgot to mention.........the CD Player is now working fine also.

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