I seem to be hitting a limit on my understanding. This is what I want to achieve:

Normal Album

Artist - Album Diskno \ Track Title

So Folder = Elton John - Blue Moves
Sub folder = 01 - Holiday

That I can achieve with the relatively simple naming:
[artist] - [album]\[track]-[title]

Compilation Albums

Various Artists\Album diskno \ Track Title Artisit

So Various Artists folder Folder = The Best Album in the World Disk1
Sub Folder = 01 - Wannabe - Spice Girls

This I can achieve with this naming:

Various Artists\[album]\[track] - [title] - [artist]

So far so good. Now I want the software to automatically recognise compilations and do the above. This is the string I have:

[IFCOMP][]Various Artists\[album]\[track]-[title] - [artist][IF!COMP][artist] - [album][]\[track] - [title][track]

What it fails to do is to recognise the differences. It is dealing with compilations correctly, but it is also treating non compilations in the same way.

I have checked and the compilation box is not ticked when the error is made. I guess it is something I have done in the string, but it is not obvious to me.

Help please ????