Hi there,

I just installed Asset UPnP on my Windows Home Server in order to play FLAC files with Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7. However, I can't get it to work.

Problems are:
  • Tracks are shown more than once. For example there are two instances of track 1, etc.
  • Neither MP3 nor FLAC files will play. WMP is very busy saying "Media Changing...". The message "Windows Media Player cannot play the file" appears. I did set the checkmark before "FLAC" in the AssetUPnP settings window. I tried multiple options (Wave, LPCM, MP3) but it doesn't really change anything.
  • Irregular behaviour when browsing the server from WMP12. Tracks appear and dissappear, some are shown twice whilst others are not.
  • There is a "Unknown Artist" which says "Disk 55,08 GB free of 56,32 GB". I don't expect this to show up here.

I hope someone can help, because I would to get this thing to work.