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Thread: Inaccurate Rip Status

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    Nov 2009

    Post Inaccurate Rip Status

    I am trying to rip a brand new CD of Bon Jovi - The Circle. When I 1st inserted the CD, dbPowerAmp CD Ripper correctly identified the CD and confirmed that it is present in Accurate Rip.

    However I am getting Inaccurate Rip status for all 12 tracks when ripping the CD to Flac file on my NAS.

    I tried another CD that was also present in accurate rip and it ripped with Accurate Rip Status. Both CDs are brand new without any scratches.

    My Laptop (DELL XPS M1330) has LG Electronics - DVDRW GSA-S10N CD Drive.

    Apart from this there are no errors. Can someone please help me in ripping this CD accurately.

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    Re: Inaccurate Rip Status

    Its a different pressing then the one in the database, as the prompt should indicate to you.

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