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Thread: Manually Upgrading Asset (when Update button responds - Unable to download)

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    Manually Upgrading Asset (when Update button responds - Unable to download)

    This post applies to Windows Home Server and allows the manual install of Asset.

    Open a remote desktop connection to the WHS machine (on your PC select Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> Remote Desktop Connection, log in with the Administrator user name (and password when setting up WHS, if using a RipNAS the password is printed underneath the RipNAS) ).

    From the remote desktop (ie on the desktop of the WHS box), select Start >> Control Panel >> Add / Remove Programs

    Uninstall the existing Asset UPnP install (both entries).

    Copy the .msi install, downloaded from:


    To the WHS box (to the software network share), then in the remote desktop move the install from the software network share to C:\

    Run the Asset install, noting that the download above will self activate Asset Premium if a previous Asset Premium was installed.
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