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Thread: Asset UPnP v2

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    Apr 2002

    Asset UPnP v2


    • Internet Radio: browse popular stations from around the world,
    • Dynamic playlists: find newest, least or most played tracks & albums,
    • Jukebox (random) selection,
    • Device compatibility extended.

    Download: http://dbpoweramp.com/asset-upnp-dlna.htm

    Complete changes:

    Added Internet Radio (in Asset Configuration >> Advanced >> Edit >> Restore the browse tree to add internet radio).
    Added UserName option with RadioTime, so can store presets (from www.radiotime.com) and have them appear in My Presets (WMA streams only currently)
    Internet Radio returns for UPnP Class 'object.item.audioItem.audioBroadcast'
    Compatible with Denon systems
    Keeps a static port address, this allows items in a play list to be kept through restarts of Asset
    When updating tags keeps the track ID the same (allows an item stored in playlist to remain)
    Album art handled much more efficiently - only one saved per album, also single art url given out for control points (will speed up a track listing where all album arts are the same)
    Internal Tag reader will self quit when main program terminated
    Automatic 'drilling down' to next level, for example have tree as Artist (no listing) >> A to Z >> D, previously A to Z would have to be selected, no it does not
    Fixed installer issue on WHS where would say cannot run dbconfig.exe
    Added mp3 encoding option
    Added a debug option which creates a debug-log.txt file
    Will now ignore files starting with '._' (which Apple MACs can create as 2nd files containing extra finder data)
    New option (on by default) to replace 'The Artist' with 'Artist, The' [** requires library rescanning - refresh all]
    New option (off by default) to remove 'The ' from album name also
    New option (on by default) to place the disc number before track number on multi disc sets (for those discs where disc 2 has the same album name as disc 1)
    New option for Asset not to perform a Refresh (detecting changes) scan on start
    Internally caches the listings, so if back-tracking when browsing will be much faster
    New Status Line (of scanning engine and how many tracks) added to Asset Config (or Asset Settings page in WHS)
    Uses a fixed UDN ID
    Playlists added (dynamic: newest, most played, least played and static playlists .m3u, .m3u8 and .pls) (in Asset Configuration >> Advanced >> Edit >> Restore the browse tree to add Playlists).
    If removed a folder (from media library watched folder, but tracks are left) then tracks are not removed asset
    Added option to browse by files/folders (have to add the tree item Folders & File Browse in Asset Configuration)
    Added Asset Image (for control points which can show a little icon next to the
    Migrated to new v2 database and album art store (v1 is removed)
    URLs inside m3u are passed out as is
    mp2 return not application/octletstream rather audio/mpeg
    PS3 - once again better support (no stopping at end of stream when streaming to wave, no network errors when playing mp3)
    PS3 - no longer cutting short mp3 tracks with a large album art
    Xbox LPCM streaming compatibility
    Splt install into 3 (all with WMA Decoder for Radio Streaming)
    Added additional Playlist items:
    Jukebox Track Selection - randomly selects 100 tracks based on rating (5 star rated items are played more than 1 star)
    Previously Played Tracks
    When browsing by albums, was returning Album Art of "" when there was none
    Folder & file Browsing - the folders are exposed as a StorageContainer so can be added in one go to a playlist
    All audio items returned as object.item.audioItem (previously could return as object.item if unknown audio type)
    Roku can playback playlist tracks
    For windows install, asset run options -
    Runs Locally (default)
    As a Service
    25 second delay in Startup of asset if run from service as network might not have come up
    Asset + port added to windows firewall (all os)
    Internet radio, dynamic playlists and file system browsing are restricted to 'Asset Premium' version (which will require registration for $26, note any RipNAS install is automatically registered), 'Asset Premium' trial activated on install for 30 days (full release will be within 30 days). ** Note the registration pages are not active **
    'Various Artist' album artist is replaced with the compilation '1' tag which asset uses internally (requires a Rescan Refresh All)
    Firewall exclusions correctly set on non-English WHS installs

    Bug Fixes
    Ps3 and streaming would play the track too short: bitrates were off (and PS3 uses these)
    Would close asset when a user was logged off (even though asset was running as a service)
    Tag reader could leave the file open
    Could return restricted for metadata browse on an item
    If set the force to mp3 (but had not extensions forced), then would not save as mp3 selected (internet radio uses)
    Multiple styles browsable
    Certain vbr codecs such as mp3 where the exact length cannot be pre-determined, asset will pad transcoded stream with 0000s to fill stream to reported length

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    Re: Asset UPnP v2

    Updated to R2.1:

    Streaming Fix, compatible with Reciva line of devices,
    Registered install able to register on installs where default install path was not used.

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