Is it possible to automatically set the track value in the meta data as
I want to use that for Multi-CD sets. So instead of having the track value being
track 01/10 of cd 1/2
track 02/10 of cd 1/2
track 01/10 of cd 2/2
track 02/10 of cd 2/2

I want to see this as (where I don't mind if "of cd x/y" stays or goes)
track 101
track 102
track 201
track 202

In the meta options I found the setting to pad track number to two digits, but what I also would like to see is to pad the track with the disk number. That way I can have all CD's of a multi-cd set in one folder with 1 album title, and still have media players order it correctly.

I found this post already where it is said that you can use a track offset, but that does not do the trick (although it could be used as an alternative).