I have had no trouble with the Ripper, Batch Ripper, nor Converter. I had finally come to the point that I would like to batch convert and I encountered a problem.

I opened dbpoweramp Batch Converter, all looked well, but then I clicked anything in the tree view and it hungs (more appropriately, it gave me the ever popular "(Not Responding)")

The status bar of the application read as follows:

Left Side of Status Bar "5 Audio Files Shown (991 KB) in Folder: C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\My Documents" which is the starting location for the batch ripper. On the far right side of the status bar read, "Reading Meta Data..."

Again, I could click on help, open the filter dialog, but as soon as I try click on something in the tree view... nada.

I noticed the files listed on the right side were not music files. Upon further investigation via ye olde explorer, those files listed had the MPP extension (Microsoft Project). I then moved those files to another folder and all is happy, as long as I stay away from a folder containing the MPP extension.

Here is a capture of it...

I am not sure if others have encountered this problem, but just in case, I decide to post the issue.

Happy archiving

- dieVierte