I'm trying to rip the Twilight: The Score, not the pop-music collection, but the real OST. The music is by Carter Burwell.

As you might imagine, this CD is not very old. It has not been extensively used, so the quality of the CD is optimal. There are a few visible scratches on the CD; but nothing major. I have much worse CDs that AccurateRip reports 100%.

CD reports to be manufactured in the E.U. GEMA/BIEM... no idea what that means, but I live in Norway and the CD was purchased here.

This is NOT an Compact Disc, there are no Compact Disc logo on the CD nor on the cover.

Result of the rip to FLAC is 0% successfull, which makes me wonder the problem is me or the problem is other users. There are only 7 and 8 other results for the same CD. What can I do? I've listened (quickly) to the output and it seems fine.