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Thread: Can't detect read cache on PX-800A

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    Question Can't detect read cache on PX-800A

    I've been using this drive for a while with the default read cache setting. When I try to detect the cache size using dbPoweramp, it reports 0 cache size. The cache size detection works fine with my cheap-o Lite On drive. I notice that a read cache for secure ripping is distinct from the buffer size. Is a read cache an anachronism that Plextor has ejected? Or is something wrong? I did a little research and read that Plextor is doing screwy things with their drives' low level commands in a deliberate attempt to make them only work correctly with Plextor utilities. I can't abide that - a DVD burner that works correctly with dbPoweramp and Nero is essential. I may need to switch to Pioneer.

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    Re: Can't detect read cache on PX-800A

    You can try the program cachex, see:


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