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Thread: I've lost Music Converter (dMC)

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    I've lost Music Converter (dMC)

    I have been using Music Converter (dMC), but this evening it said that my trail had finished.

    So I clicked on the link and it appeared that I had to buy dBpoweramp Reference R13 at $36.00 in order to continue using Music Converter (dMC). So I went ahead and bought dBpoweramp Reference R13.

    Then it gave me the option to download and install:
    dBpoweramp Reference R13.2
    CD Writer Release 3
    Activate PerfectMeta

    I did all this, and now I have access to:
    dBpoweramp CD Writter
    dMC Audio CD input
    dMC File Selector

    But dMC Music Converter has disappeared.

    What have I done wrong. Have I bought/downloaded the wrong app? My primary requirement is the ability to convert FLAC music files to MP3.

    Your help would be most appreciated.

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    Re: I've lost Music Converter (dMC)

    OK, I have just re-installed dBpoweramp Reference R13.2 and Music Converter is now installed and working.

    All ok now!!!!!

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