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Thread: Album Cover Art when doing a batch conversion.

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    Album Cover Art when doing a batch conversion.

    Hello every one I am new to DBpoweramp.

    I recently bought DBpoweramp 13.2 reference and installed it on my media server running vista 64 bit.

    I just completed converting my entire library from wma lossless to Flac using the batch converion program. In the process the program did not download the cover art. Is there some button that I am not pressing? I converted hundreds of albums so going into every album folder manually to add a folder.jpg file is not a solution that I would be interested in.

    If I RIP the albums using DBpoweramp CD ripper then it downloads the cover art as folder.jpg. I do not want to re-rip all my cds

    Thanks for the help.

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    Re: Album Cover Art when doing a batch conversion.

    dBpoweramp will only fetch album art when ripping, not converting.

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