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Thread: Problems Identifying DVD Drive

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    Exclamation Problems Identifying DVD Drive

    I recently carried out a factory install of my Dell Precision T5400 PC and reinstalled dBpoweramp CD Ripper and CD Writer. I now have a problem with both applications identifying my Optiarc -DVD+-RW AD-5170S drive.

    CD Ripper reports the following in each mode:

    SCSI Pass Through (SPT) mode "D: [Unknown - Unknown]"
    Windows Internal [For Limited Accounts] "D: [Optiarc -DVD+- AD-5170S]"
    SCSI Pass Through Read(D8): "<No CD Drive Found>"

    I understand from previous posts that SCSI Pass Through Read(D8) mode is specifically for older Plexor drives, so we can ignore this setting.

    CD Writer always reports "<No CD Drive Found>", so it renders this application totally un-usable on my PC.

    Is there any way to force CD Ripper in SCSI Pass Through (SPT) mode to identify my drive, as I want to use all the options to ensure accurate rips? I feel if this can be done, it will also enable CD Writer to recognise my drive at the same time.

    I have also noticed that the CDROM Technical Details (located in the CD Ripper options tab lists garbled reports under Firmware and Serial headings and this will change periodically depending if discs are inserted or not.

    Currently the CDROM Technical Details are:

    Manufacturer: Unknown
    CD Drive: Unknown
    Firmware: Q)
    Serial: )
    Maximum Speed: 8467KB/sec (x47)
    Current Speed: 7056 KB/sec (x40)
    Spin-down After: 32 seconds
    Buffer Size: 2 MB
    Accurate Stream: Yes
    C2 Error Pointers: Yes
    Reads ISRC: Yes
    Reads UPC: Yes

    Additional Notes:

    • I am using Windows Vista Business 32bit operating system.
    • CD Ripper and CD Writer worked fine prior to factory re-install.
    • My drive is recognised and is reported as working fine in Windows Device Manager.
    • Roxio Creator 2009 Ultimate, Roxio RecordNow 10 Music Lab and EAC all recognise and list my drive correctly.

    If somebody (especially Spoon) can help with my problem, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Simon Moakes

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    Re: Problems Identifying DVD Drive

    Close CD Ripper, then Start >> Programs >> dBpoweramp configuration >> dbpoweramp Music Converter >> enable the last debug option.

    Start CD Ripper, close CD Ripper and post the debug log as a message here (it will popup after close).

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    Re: Problems Identifying DVD Drive


    Thanks for the quick reply...here is the debug info you requested:

    Using SCSI PassThrough [clCDDA::SetCommunication]
    ->-> [frmMain::RefreshTrackListing]
    Quitting Meta Thread: Quit
    ->-> [clCDDA::ReturnDriveList]
    Got drive C:\ ** not CD Rom, type: 3 [cddaSCSIPassTru::FillDriveList]
    Inquiry failed, trying larger buffer [cddaSCSIPassTru::GetDriveInfo]
    Inquiry failed (with larger buffer) [cddaSCSIPassTru::GetDriveInfo]
    Got drive D:\ CD ROM [cddaSCSIPassTru::FillDriveList]
    Got drive E:\ ** not CD Rom, type: 2 [cddaSCSIPassTru::FillDriveList]
    Got drive F:\ ** not CD Rom, type: 2 [cddaSCSIPassTru::FillDriveList]
    Got drive G:\ ** not CD Rom, type: 3 [cddaSCSIPassTru::FillDriveList]
    Got drive W:\ ** not CD Rom, type: 4 [cddaSCSIPassTru::FillDriveList]
    <-<- [clCDDA::ReturnDriveList]
    ->-> [clCDDA::ReadTOC]
    LBA FirstIndex: 0 last Index: 0
    Type: Audio Track 0 LBA Address: 0
    MSF FirstIndex: 0 last Index: 0
    Type: Audio Track 0 MSF: 0/0/0
    <-<- [clCDDA::ReadTOC]
    <-<- [frmMain::RefreshTrackListing]

    Hope this helps?

    I also attach debug info using Windows Internal mode:

    Using Windows Built-in [clCDDA::SetCommunication]
    ->-> [frmMain::RefreshTrackListing]
    Quitting Meta Thread: Quit
    ->-> [clCDDA::ReturnDriveList]
    <-<- [clCDDA::ReturnDriveList]
    ->-> [clCDDA::ReadTOC]
    <-<- [clCDDA::ReadTOC]
    <-<- [frmMain::RefreshTrackListing]

    This is debug info for CD Writer:

    ->-> [clsDVDCDObject::Create]
    <-<- [clsDVDCDObject::Create]
    ->-> [clsDVDCDObject::GetCDDriveList]
    <-<- [clsDVDCDObject::GetCDDriveList]


    Simon Moakes

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