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Thread: <albumartist> tag

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    <albumartist> tag

    I'm trying Media Monkey as my player, and was going crazy because I took the time to tag all my artists by last name (Davis, Miles) and either did the same in Album Artist or left blank. MM is listing the artist by both (Lname, Fname, and Fname Lname). I found, using Foobar, that the rips I've been doing include a <albumartist> tag that still has First Last naming.

    Can I get DBpa to stop filling this field?

    At the least, can I get it that tag to display in the ripper so that I can manually empty?

    Anyone know of a program that will delete all entries from that field? I've ripped a lot of CD this past month.

    Thanks folks.

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    Re: <albumartist> tag

    For FLAC 'Album Artist' is mapped to 'AlbumArtist' as this seems to be the most used standard.

    You can configure to leave as 'Album Artist', by dbpoweramp configuration >> Codecs >> Advanced.

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