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Thread: Music converter can't find lame codec

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    Music converter can't find lame codec

    Recently, my computer died, and I had to transfer all my programs over to a new computer.

    Initially, I decided to install the latest version of dbpoweramp's music player and music converter. But I wasn't used to the interface of the new music converter, so I uninstalled it, and installed the older version that I am used to (10.1).

    Unfortunately, when I try to convert a wav file to mp3, I get an error message saying that the appropriate codec cannot be found.

    The music player plays mp3 files just fine. And I checked the directory where dbpoweramp was installed, and it looks like the lame codec is there.

    It worked just fine on my old computer, so I'm worried that somehow the temporary installation of the new music converter has screwed with the registry information about where dbpoweramp needs to look for the codec.

    Any suggestions for getting this working?


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    Re: Music converter can't find lame codec

    Did you have any codecs installed in the new computer before you installed the older version of Music Converter?

    I ask because versions of Music Converter r 12 and later (and the codecs for Music Converter) are written in different code than were earlier versions of Music Converter.

    Uninstall Music Converter and all of your codecs. Reboot your computer. Then reinstall your older version of Music Converter. If you add any codecs, please make sure that these come from Legacy Codec Central here:
    http://www.dbpoweramp.com/legacy/cod...ral-legacy.htm and NOT from Codec Central (tab at top of the page).

    If these measuress do not work, please let us know.

    Best wishes,

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