I have been trying to rip HDCDs in 24 bit. I have used the HDCD DSP setting and the FLAC file does appear from the properties to be 24 bit, and when playing it on a Linn Klimax DS it is reported to be 24 bit but my concern is that the file size is approximately the same as a 16 bit version of the track I did some time ago. The 24 bit file reports it has been 80% compressed by the FLAC encoder. I know HDCD has only got 20bit data in it but surely the FLAC file should be 25% larger or so than the 16 bit version on the same level 5 of compression. My other 24 bit FLAC files that I have generated from recorded LPs are always around 50% bigger than 16 bit versions. The HDCD FLAC file also plays a bit quieter than the 16 bit version.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.