I have a massive music collection.
would be nice to have multiple [a-z] selections. it is a pain having to scroll through pages and pages of stuff to find the item being searched for.

something like
[a-z] = first letter of selected field
[aa-zz] = first 2 letters of selected field
[a a-z z] = first letter of first word, first letter of second word in selected field.

an alternative would be to use a total number of menu items approach.
setting for menu items set to 20 (configurable)
total results returned 1000 items in catagory.
20 menu items are generated spanning 50 entries each with start and end text displayed. the start and end text would be the text of the menu items as stated below.

ac/dc - Aerosmith
afi - Alan Parsons Project

when selected this menu item would break out to the individual 50 item group. being that the menu items value would be configurable you could adjust for the amount of content in your library by increasing or decreasing the number of break points. (even better if it could be done at the selection point as apposed to a global setting, but global would still work)

what do you think?