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Thread: Two minor issues with dAP

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    Two minor issues with dAP

    1. Confusing, but not a show-stopper:

    a. Run Programs | dbPowerAMP | Configuration | File Associations, and check the box "Install dBpowerAMP Menu Options on Folder", then click "Ok".

    b. Run Programs | dbPowerAMP | Configuration | Install Options, and simply click on "Run dBpowerAMP"

    c. Repeat (a), and notice that the folder options has been turned off again.

    2. Very minor, but probably interesting in the code:

    a. If MMC is open, close it.

    b. Run MMC.

    c. Right-click in the Large Black Area to the right of the playlist and queue (if present). Notice that nothing happens.

    d. Right-click over the "Playing" text (or "Not Playing" if appropriate), and notice the content menu. Press ESC to close the menu.

    e. Repeat (c), and notice that the context menu now apears anywhere in the Large Black Area.

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