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Thread: Using new LAME 3.93.1

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    Using new LAME 3.93.1

    I see there's a new version of the LAME codec (3.93.1) since dMC was last updated. Is there a way I can use the new codec with dMC? If not, when will a version of dMC with the latest codec be released?

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    Feb 2003
    Never mind -- I see my question is addressed in the Wish List forum. I'll give it a try.

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    Question Re: Using new LAME 3.93.1

    Still using and loving dBpowerAMP and don't see any reason to use any other encoder, thank you!
    I've heard there were problems with the alt preset settings (VBR) in Lame 3.93 that were resolved in Lame 3.93.1, and wanted to confirm which version release 10 of dBpowerAMP is using before doing any more encoding.
    I found a .txt file in my C:\Program Files\Illustrate\dBpowerAMP\Versions\Compression folder that says simply "Lame Version 3.93.1 (Dibrom's switches)" So we can use the alt preset standard settings with release 10 and be assured of the finest quality .mp3s, right? (BTW, is there any compelling reason to update to release 10.1?)
    Thanks again for dBpowerAMP, Spoon, I recommend it and your website to anyone who needs help encoding!

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    Re: Using new LAME 3.93.1

    Updating tends to fix bugs, go for Release 11 in the beta section.

    3.93.1 shouldn't have any prefix problems.

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