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Thread: Cannot convert .ra file to .mp3

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    Cannot convert .ra file to .mp3

    Hi there,

    I saw some posts on this issue, but the problem people generally had was that they were downloading the encoder rather than the decoder.

    I have done everything as instructions say. Installed Real Alternative, Installed the decoder and I still get the,

    Unable to load decoder for file type '.ra', codec not installed?

    error. For your information, the .ra file is not playing in Window Media Player either. So what am I missing?

    Many thanks,


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    dBpoweramp Guru LtData's Avatar
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    Re: Cannot convert .ra file to .mp3

    What filetypes show up for the DirectShow Decoder in dBpoweramp Configuration? See "Need to find your version" below if you assistance finding it.

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    dBpoweramp Guru Wayne's Avatar
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    Re: Cannot convert .ra file to .mp3

    Does the file play in the Classic Media Player that came with Real Alternative? Do you have Realplayer installed?

    The fact that the file doesn't play in WMP implies that either the directshow filter hasn't been installed properly or the file may be protected.

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