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Thread: Begginer - please help me with my Rewriter!

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    Begginer - please help me with my Rewriter!

    Ok, I've spent the whole day trying to install the CD-RW i bought and am pretty fed up to be honest.

    I don't know if i have physically installed the damn thing correctly as the instructions were NO help what-so-ever, is it that had to believe everyone who buys a rewriter wont know what an IDE port is? lol....

    Anyway, i used the leads from my old normal disc drive so now i just have the rw drive plugged in. I was hoping that i would be able to copy music from cds to windows media player then from there compile a cd playlist in the programme ("nero 5") and burn it back to a blank cd.

    This is not the case. ARGH!!!!!
    I can do this fine with the mp3 files i downloaded from the net but when i try and select the media player files as a playlist to be burnt it says "nero cannot read these files".

    What do i do? It wont let me change their format..or i just dont know how.

    I know this may sound stupid but i need really basic instructions and help because iknow NOTHING about computers or software and this is really frustrating me.
    Someone said i might need to download a programme or something but i just dont understand why this wont work?

    Why wouldnt the instruictions with the rewriter tell me i need futher programmes? Id have bought them if i knew.


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    Windows Media Player is no good, because it write protected WMA files that no program is able to touch.

    Install dBpowerAMP Music Converter and use the CD ripper on that.

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    Hopefully this will help you out........ Nero Burning Rom has a plug in that adds support for *.WMA audio files. Just download it, install, and away you go. I had the same prob as you for quite a while until i went looking on Nero's website and found this......... Here is the link for you.... http://www.nero.com/en/index.html*download Hope that helps you greatly

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