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Thread: * of passes during rip?

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    * of passes during rip?

    I am evaluating dBpoweramp CD Ripper and was wondering why it only reads each track once. I have "Enable Ultra Secure Ripping" checked, minimum passes 3, max 6, "end after clean passes 2" but it only goes through each track once. Am I missing something?

    I like the fact that it compares to others results, but it seems to go through the CD at lightening speed. Faster than iTunes with Error Correction turned on and way, WAY faster than say, Exact Audio Copy. Am I getting a good clean accurate rip here? Speed or drive space is not the issue - my goal is to get a pristine copy. :smile2:


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    Re: * of passes during rip?

    If AccurateRip gets a match, you are good to go with one pass. Fantastic program... 2 minutes per CD usually.

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    Re: * of passes during rip?

    As Monk918 said, if your rip matches what is in AccurateRip, then it moves on to the next track.

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