Notwithstanding my problems encountered last week with some odd tag issues, I do have a further simple(!) query.

When ripping to FLAC, the options in dbpoweramp configuration state:

  • Tag Creation: Vorbis Comments
  • ID3V2 Version: 2.3
  • ID3V2 Text Encoding: ANSI

When I then use dMC to convert to MP3 I assume this is why I only end up with ID3V2 tags in the resultant files. Is there a reason that the ID3V1 tags are not automatically added in by default when converting to MP3 i.e. noone uses them any more, fields get truncated due to size restrictions etc?

Although I can use Tag & Rename to batch copy the ID3V2 tags to ID3V1, is there any point in doing so whatsoever? Is there any hardware or software these days that needs ID3V1 tags to be present and does having both sets of tags present create any further potential issues?