I am using dbPA -Paid- to rip my boyfriend's collection. I have run some trials and found dbPA to be the BEST ripping option but I have some questions.

My goal is to rip each disc in a way that it can be burned back to disc as a copy of the original. The idea here is that I will probably be tossing most of the CDs and want to be able to reproduce the original if I need to. The copy should be recognized as the original in any program that uses Gracenote, AMG, etc. to retrieve track information for an audio CD.

To be clear I am talking about Audio CD's only. Doing this for mixed CD's with CD-ROM content or other anomolies is a totally separate problem.

From what I've read the most space efficient way to do this is by using a single FLAC plus CUE. I also know that this is not currently supported by dbPA. (Spoon you need to hurry up with that CUE implementation... I vote to increase priority for CUE support)

So, is there a way to create this kind of copy? Space efficiency doesn't really matter at this point as long as I can convert to FLAC plus CUE at a later point without re-ripping. If I rip the CD to an ISO can dbPA "rip" and encode tracks from a virtual drive? (I don't really want to do that because dbPA has such good error correction capabilities.) Will RIP AS ONE be sufficient for this purpose?

Other solutions are welcome.