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Thread: Frequency Of AccurateRip data update

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    Frequency Of AccurateRip data update

    Just a quick question

    I've ripped a CD or two on my AccurateRip configured NEC ND-3100A DVD+RW Drive and submitted my AccturateRip results (as the CDs weren't in the Database).

    I then installed Widnows Vista on my PC (from XP) and reinstalled dMC and tried ripping those CDs in order to reconfigure AccurateRip. However, they aren't coming up as being a AccurateRip key disc.

    How often is the database updated (It's been almost a week now)? I was under the impression that they get added to the database as soon as they're submitted.

    I've gotten some CDs for Christmas and want to Rip them (with AccurateRip) but can't as my drive won't configure. I know that previously when AccurateRip was configured the value WAS +48 as listed for my drive in the AccurateRip Drive Offsets list. If only there was a way to manually enter the AccurateRip Drive offset value in the registry somewhere.
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