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Thread: A little history plz

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    Smile A little history plz

    I've been following your products for about a year and am quite impressed in your straight-forward, no-nonsense approach. Would you share a little history of your product (and you)? Is this a hobby? I appreciate your efforts and have learned quite a bit about music encoding from your site.

    fyi, I'm a Musicmatch Jukebox user who feels stuck and looking around for other options. I've recently become interested in Ogg and Monkey's audio as both are quite impressive in many ways. What do you think Ogg's chances for decent marketshare are?

    Again, thanks for your site and efforts.


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    Apr 2002
    Not much to tell about me, just a music nut who likes to program, as a hobby

    Ogg has a good chance I think, but only time will tell - the key to it is takeup on portable players.

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