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Thread: Copy album art with batch converter

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    Unhappy Copy album art with batch converter


    I ripped all my CDs to FLAC format. For my portable players I want to convert them all to mp3. I tried using the batch converter, but it only converts the audio files, but does not preserve the album art. This is a really unpleasant surprise. Copying album art for 250 CDs manually is an awful lot of work.

    I really would like to have solution ASAP for this.Now i am very disappointed about the batch converter.


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    Re: Copy album art with batch converter

    You need to include the utility codec here (beta forum) in your processing chain:



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    Smile Re: Copy album art with batch converter

    Thanks, this works fine and saves me lots of time. Just a pity that it's a bit difficult to find this solution.

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