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Thread: Meaning of log information

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    Meaning of log information

    I have a couple of log entries from the Batch ripper which are as follows:

    AccurateRip: Inaccurate (confidence 13) Insecure [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 6, Re-Rip 41 Frames]

    AccurateRip: Inaccurate (confidence 10) Secure (Warning) [Pass 1 & 2, Ultra 1 to 6, Re-Rip 15 Frames]

    I know that the first portion of both entries is telling me that the tracks were not ripped accurately. I am a bit unclear though as to what is meant by last portion. My questions are:
    1) How many passes were actually performed on these tracks?
    2) What is meant by "Secure (Warning)"


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    Re: Meaning of log information

    2) From the CD ripper help file:
    The green i (the warning) indicates that frames had to be re-ripped, possibly and undetected error has slipped through

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