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Thread: Apple Lossless Options

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    Cool Apple Lossless Options

    I am in the process of deciding which codec to use (Apple Losless or FLAC).

    I notice that I can select the compression level setting for FLAC so that I can get smaller files after ripping, can the same be done anywhere for Apple Lossless?

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    Re: Apple Lossless Options

    Apple lossless does not come with such options.

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    Re: Apple Lossless Options

    My feeling is that the compression level isn't worth worrying about with any lossless format. With storage so cheap these days, I don't think it's worth worrying about saving 250K of space on a lossless file. Note also that the higher compression levels take more time to rip. I think just using the default is fine.

    The only two advantages I can see for Apple Lossless over FLAC is that it works on all iPods, plus it works on Macs and Windows. But that's a big advantage for a lot of people.

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    Re: Apple Lossless Options

    Also remember that when ripping to lossless, you can always recompress later without penalty. If you're worried that using high lossless compression is going to slow down your rip process, then use medium or even low level of compression. Later you can use the batch converter to recompress to high compression overnight.


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