First I hope this hasn't been asked/answered already & I simply missed it. I'm wondering if there's any noticeable quality difference between these two activities;

Rip to FLAC, then convert same files to *.mp3


Rip to FLAC, then rip again to *.mp3

Maybe another way to put this is - is there a compelling reason to use one approach over the other? Beyond the obvious convenience factor of having to only insert the disc once, I'm asking because more often than not, when I rip to mp3 I get one to two errors where a track wasn't ripped. I have yet to get same type of error when ripping to FLAC. I have never gotten an error when converting the same track to mp3. For a while I was ripping twice, once to FLAC & then later to mp3. When I encountered an error, I would then convert the specific track from FLAC to mp3. This is prompting me to consdier converting all my FLACís instead of ripping twice. For what it's worth & for various reasons I'm ripping to mp3 (320vbr).