My TEAC drive which Iíve only had for a couple of weeks wonít eject the CD. Iíve ripped approximately 50 CDís with no ejection problems. This is the first & only problem I've had. Iíve tried using the Eject & Cancel button in the RIPNAS software. Iíve tried pressing the small button on the TEAC itself. Iíve used a paperclip in the small eject port. Iíve disconnected and reconnected both the power & the USB. When I attempt to explore the drive contents using Explorer, it shows there is no disk in the drive. Iíve rebooted WHS too. When I click the eject buttons I can hear the TEAC respond & I can hear what appears to be the mechanism that would normally eject the CD, but it wonít come out. It did rip the contents though.

Wondering if anyone has had this problem & if so, how they resolved it.

Thanks in advance.

PS Ė Setting aside this most recent & sudden problem, overall Iíve been very happy with the product & the results.