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Thread: Diference between v10 (freeware) and v13 (latest)

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    Diference between v10 (freeware) and v13 (latest)

    I am an EAC user looking to move to dbPowerAmp after reading so many good reviews and some nice feature like AccurateRip, multiple CD DB's and both Fast and Secure ripping.

    I have both v10 (Freeware) and v13 (latest) and would like to know if there is a significant difference in the speed/quality (core engine) or if they are mainly niceties such as improved naming/tagging support etc.

    I could do some rip tests but thought it may have been asked before ( yes I looked in FAQ and elsewhere) :-)

    Your help appreciatred.


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    Re: Diference between v10 (freeware) and v13 (latest)

    Huge difference, R12 was a total rewrite.

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    Re: Diference between v10 (freeware) and v13 (latest)

    See here: http://www.dbpoweramp.com/Version-Changes-DMC.htm

    Main changes, as far as I'm concerned:
    Multi-core support
    Secure CD ripping
    PerfectMeta for CD ripping
    Album Art support
    Codecs that are still being updated (r11.5 and older codecs are now in Legacy Codec Central and not the latest versions normally)
    Dynamic Naming when converting

    Plus MANY others I can't think of offhand. There is a free 28-day trial of Reference for download for you to try out the new features, just install it and the codecs to a separate directory and you can keep r10 and try out r13.1.

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