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Thread: Add/Edit Album Art For Multiple Tracks

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    Question Add/Edit Album Art For Multiple Tracks

    I am trying to add or edit album art for all tracks of an album.

    But when I select multiple tracks, the album art is not displayed.
    If I press the "Edit Single" button, the album art is displayed, but I can only add or edit one track at a time.

    Is there a way that I can edit or add album art to all the tracks that I select in one process rather than having to do each one individually?


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    Re: Add/Edit Album Art For Multiple Tracks

    Highlight all tracks, right-click, choose "convert to".
    As the converter, choose "ID-Tag Update" and choose "import from folder.jpg" in the appropriate options tab. Make sure, you have the cover in the same directory as the audio-files and it is named "folder.jpg". Run the converter. It will "load" folder.jpg and update each file with the cover.

    If you have more than one disc to update, it might be worth trying batch-encoder. Never tried it, but as long, as each ripped CD has its own folder, batch-encoding should work as well (please, anybody correct me, if I'm wrong)

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    Re: Add/Edit Album Art For Multiple Tracks

    This is in the FAQ: http://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showpost...6&postcount=13

    The Batch Encoder will work, as long as the folder.jpg or whatever filename you specify is in each folder with the files.

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