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Thread: m4b conversion problem: files don't play

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    m4b conversion problem: files don't play


    In the last weeks, I've encountered a "non-playable" problem several times with m4b encoding (unfortunately not reproducable).

    There's several effects, that I will list here - I would be glad, if someone gave them an eye... (btw.: latest, 13.1 version, all codecs up to date, fresh and clean install).
    Players used: JRiver Mediacenter (JRMC), version 12 & 13, latest builds
    (2nd Generation, latest Firmware)
    Material: several CD-Rips to 44.1/16 wav/flac, ac3-files from Audiobook-DVDs
    Nero Encoder is from their website and installed as required.

    - conversion ac3 -> m4b: does not play in JRMC & IPod, plays in ITunes (though the time shown is twice as long as the actual length!). When doing a conversion to highbitrate mp3 first, and then to m4b: produces playable files, but is much work...
    - conversion Flac -> m4b: some files do not play on the Ipod, but still in JRMC and ITunes
    - conversion wav -> m4b, later on Tag-Update in Explorer (right-click, Tag Update) Plays before the tag-update, does not play in any player after the tag-update in JRMC and IPod, sometimes even not in ITunes
    - Ripping and directly converting Audiobook-CDs to m4b produces unpredictable results: some files play, some don't, even in ITunes.

    Since I can see no pattern here, I am a bit confused on what could be the reason. One thing, though, seems to me a possible cause: updating the Tags in m4b (either during the rip or later on in file-conversion) seems to mess up things.

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    Re: m4b conversion problem: files don't play

    I will be looking at the tags for m4a, I will see if any improvements can go into m4b also.

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    Re: m4b conversion problem: files don't play

    I've encountered the same problems.

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