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Thread: Converted mp3 loads slow thru network

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    Question Converted mp3 loads slow thru network


    There is something 'odd' about the format of the mp3 files produced by Lame 3.92 - they take 4 or 5 seconds to load (before the music starts playing) with Windows Media Player, when I load and play the file through a network share.

    Mp3's from other sources, of equivalent size and bitrates start playing within a half second through the network share. On the file server, there is no noticable delay (perhaps a microsecond longer). Obviously the 10Mbps LAN is slowing me down, but why only for the mp3's produced by Lame?

    It's like some 'feature' of the format forces the player to read all the way through the file. I've tried turning off ID tag preservation, turned off 'professional frequency conversion', and played with a few other settings. Just for interest's sake, I even tried converting one of those 'quick' mp3's using Lame and the Lame version had the same 5 second load delay.

    It's not a big problem, but I think it would get annoying over time.
    Would the 3.70 Release solve this? What other features would I lose?

    Thanks for any advice/assistance.

    - Charles Gregory

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    You can try 3.70, I would also try a diferent player to see how that plays them.

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    I tried 3.70 and it gets rid of the delay on loading. It could be my imagination, but do I detect a tiny drop in quality from the newer version of lame? If so, it would be nice if they found whatever little bug makes that delay and make a 3.93 without it.

    Anyways, compliments on a nifty little converter! Thanks!

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    That's because Lame 3.70 is several years old and has several years less tuning.

    I would try another player, media player is always slower starting files for me, be it locally, over a network or with media player 9.

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