I purchased RipNAS Essentials on Sunday; I saw that it was available from an article at We Got Served, and bought it. It was really a no-brainer; the RipNAS essentials product is well thought out and well implemented.

The software installed on my homebrew WHS machine via the console without error. I can rip to WAV effortlessly, repeatedly, and without error. However, when I switch to a compressed format (I have only tried WMA lossless and VBR mp3), I am not able able to rip a cd without errors. If I were to approximate, I would say that 1 in 10 cd's rips successfully, the other cd rips result in an unplayable track of a small file size being written for the failed track. The log reports that there are wma/mp3 conversion errors and these errors occur for differing tracks each time the same disk is ripped (i.e. no particular "trouble" tracks). For WMA, I have selected WMA 10-->WMA Lossless 9.1 (it is the only option available for lossless; I assume this is correct), 44 kHZ, 16-bit 2-channel.

I would be more than happy to provide any information that could aid in the diagnosing of my problem. I am very excited about this product and would love to be a part of helping it grow.